University: Year 2

Hey Dolls,

As my uni blogs last year went down really well, I thought I’d do a few more this year so look out for- finding a uni house and finding your placement.

After a crazy long summer (not that I’m complaining) I couldn’t wait to get back to uni and get going with 2nd year! My friends and I couldn’t resist heading to a few freshers events, and ended up leading a bar crawl!

Second year was so much more interesting for me as I had more of a say in which modules I took, which meant I could focus on marketing, social media content and got a chance to complete a law module.

Getting back into the swing of uni was really easy and it was so nice to be living with who I wanted, in our lovely house! 2nd year was full of work but most of my assessments were oddly enjoyable apart from business law which was super intense and made me really happy I didn’t choose a law degree! Although it was really interesting!

The intensity of academic studies had definitely increased but with my amazing society and fab friends everything was nicely balanced. Acapella got bigger and better 2nd year with us being able to do perform lots more and attend more university events! We were also nominated for 2 awards which was fab!

I was also lucky enough to be part of RAG committee for the SU working with a great team to raise money for three amazing causes!


Over all second year was fab- more opportunities, interesting modules and great people! Roll on placement year!

Ciao Bellas,




Travel with me:Ibiza!

Hey Dolls,

After a long absence from my blog, I’m back! There have been lots of reasons I haven’t had time to blog properly but now I’m ready to get going again!

I thought for my first blog back I’d fill you all in on my holiday with my bestie to Ibiza!

We went to Ibiza for a week, it was Soph’s first girls holiday and we were both really looking forward to it.

We booked our holiday through and were really happy with our hotel (despite the food being very repetitive and not the best). It was a cute room, kind of like a mini villa with a nice garden area.


Our week was really nice and relaxing but we did enjoy a night out with a bunch of German’s from our hotel which meant a classic Soph and Sabs dance floor takeover!

We also decided to splash out and hit Nikki Beach for their Amazing Sunday’s, and it was a delicious brunch buffet with unlimited champagne plus a saxophonist and violist! Highly recommend and was definitely worth the money!

We have already started planning out next holiday and had an amazing time!

Ciao Bellas,



NYX Ultimate Brights Palette

Hey Dolls,

I’m back after a break filled with uni assignments and presentations so let’s get back to talking about beauty! This week I’m reviewing the NYX Ultimate Brights Palette!


This palette is not only affordable but is really pigmented and the perfect eyeshadow palette for bright looks, pops of colour and even everyday looks using some of the orange shades.


I was very impressed with the pigment and blendability of the shades, the colours are also buildable so you can create everything from a subtle look to a bright bold eye! The shade range in the palette is also great with everything from yellows to links to blue and greens. If you buy one palette with bright shades in I would highly recommend this one!

Ciao Bellas,




Armani Lip Maestros

Hey Dolls,

This week I’m going to be reviewing the Giorgio Armani lip maestro intense velvet lip colour (longest name ever!!)

I got these at duty free so they came as a set of two, a nude (500) and a red (400). Firstly, I was sceptical as I’m not usually a big fan of liquid lipsticks but the fact these are a velvet finish so I thought I’d give it a go!


So glad I took the risk! I was very impressed, these shades are long lasting and super pigmented as well as being really comfortable to wear! Check out the swatches below, they were definitely worth the price tag!



Ciao Bellas,



Charlotte Tilbury: Instant Look Palette!

Hey Dolls,

This week I’m going to be reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury’s Instant Look in a Pallette, so let’s go!

I chose the “Beauty Glow” shade of the palette, and oh my I have not been disappointed, literally since the palette arrived on my door step I have used it for my makeup EVERY day!


The palette contains 3 eye shadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer and highlight- let’s start with the shadows!

The 3 shadows are in brightening, enhancing and smoke- a pearly white, shimmery bronze and Matte medium brown. The shadows are super pigmented creamy and bendable and last all day without any movement.


Next up bronze and highlight, the bronzer is a perfect shade not too orange or too cool toned and the highlight is a beautiful subtle gold buttery shade that provides the perfect glow!

Along with a huge mirror the palette is completed by Charlotte’s signature swish and pop blush combo resulting in the perfect easy makeup look in one palette. Once again Charlotte Tilbury has smashed it!

Highly recommend you pop this on your Christmas list!

Ciao Bellas,



All About: Spray Tanning!

Hey Dolls,

This week we are going to talk about Spray Tans! Now being from Essex, most people (not all unlike the stereotype) like to have a golden glow and I chatted to the Beauty Yard’s Sophie to get all her top tips, so let’s go!


First up: Prep, this is an extremely important step that will ultimately determine the end result of your tan and here’s how to do it right!

  1. Shave or complete your hair removal at least 24hrs before your tan, to ensure your pores close up properly
  2. Exfoliate your body focusing on dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees
  3. Ensure all your makeup is removed to allow for a perfect tan


Now lets talk about the tanning process at the salon:

  1. Before you go to the salon make sure you are wearing loose dark clothing, have some flip flops and aren’t wearing any deodorant, moisturiser or other scented products as these can affect the colour of the tan
  2. Once you arrive you will meet your spray tanner, be taken to a therapy room, left to remove your clothes, apply sticky feet and sometimes a hair net, you may also be given paper knickers
  3. Your therapist will then return, giving you instructions on positions to stand in so they can tan you, the tan will be cold, and you will probably be a bit sticky, your therapist will most likely dry you off a bit!


The last part of spray tan is the aftercare, this is key in prolonging your tan!

  1. Shower at least 8hrs (for most tans some are less, some more so check with your spray tanner) after spray tan
  2. When showering don’t use any products or rub your tan, pat yourself dry and moisturise
  3. Make sure you moisturise after every shower
  4. When the tan starts to go patchy or fade exfoliate to ensure a gradual fade

So that’s all you need to ensure you get a perfect spray tan!

Next week I’ll be sharing my review of Glam Glow face Masks!

Ciao Bellas,



Bath and Body Works Haul!

Hey Dolls,

This week is part 2 of my American Haul, so lets get going!

First up is a load of Pocket bacs, I bought 12 because you just can never have enough and I couldn’t go to Bath and Body without picking them up! I’ll insert a small selection below, but all the scents I picked were absolutely lovely!

bb hand.jpg

To go with all the hand sanitiser I picked up a hand cream which is a new scent of Amber and Argan, it smells amazing! I also got the Cherry soap for my bathroom at uni which smells lovely and doesn’t dry out your hands!

Finally I chose two room sprays which I initially wanted as candles but due to suitcase space and weight restrictions I couldn’t get the candles so got the sprays instead which I am really pleased with because not only do they smell fab the scent lasts for ages, so I would definitely recommend them!

bb spray

Ciao Bellas,



Sephora Haul!

Hey Dolls,

This week is part 1 of my American Haul, part 2 will be coming next week! Also sorry for missing 2 posts I moved back to university and had some family things going on so needed to focus on them but I’m back now!

I went to Sephora in Boston and in New York, mum and I spent a bomb but it was worth it! So lets get into the haul!

sephora 2.JPG

First up we got the Cover FX Mattifying Kit which includes the primer, powder and setting spray- perfect for travelling with. Next up was the Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea palette, Oh my the colours in this palette are insane and I would highly recommend Tarte palettes for incredible blend-ability and pigmentation. We also picked up the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette, again great for travelling which includes a bronzer, blush and highlight. Also I couldn’t go to Sephora and not pick up a tonne of Sephora own brand face, lip and foot masks! They are amazing and so affordable! Last up in this section was my favourite Chloe Perfume in a rollerball, perfect for popping in your bag on nights out!

sephora 1

Our next trip resulted in more purchases from Tarte! I purchased the Scrub clean kit which includes the Friction stick and Rain Forest of the Sea collection cleanser as well as a little mitt to get your pores clean, as well as the Amazonian Clay BB cream- I have been so impressed with this product, the coverage is good, it doesn’t slide off like a lot of other BB creams and leaves my skin looking flawless! I also grabbed another bottle of my fave Dry bar Shampoo as well as a Huda Beauty Lip Contour in the most stunning nude shade! I also picked up a Makeup forever Mist and Fix as my setting spray has run out and I love it! Its really hydrating and keeps my makeup in place all day!

Our final trip to Sephora was a much smaller one in which I mainly purchased their travel size items so I could give a few products a try without paying full price to find out I hated them- I am a student after all!

sepphora 3

Mum needed a new ABH brow definer so we picked one up as well as a couple of sleep masks, one of which we used on the plane home which I highly recommend! I also picked up the Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara as everyone raves about it and I must admit I agree its great! The other Too Faced product I picked up was the Born this way concealer which I love the only problem is its a tiny bit too light for my skin tone but covers dark circles and blemishes with ease!

Next weeks part 2 hauls is Bath and Body works!

Ciao Bellas



All About: Lashes

Hey Dolls,

I headed back to the Beauty Yard to chat to the lovely Tan about the different types of lash enhancements available.

The first thing to choose between is natural enhancing or extensions first let’s talk about enhancing your own lashes!

My favourite thing is LVL lashes (length, volume and lift), it’s basically a perm and tint for your lashes that lasts around 6 weeks, it’s low maintance and cheaper than lash extensions. LVL is also great if you are allergic to lash glue or can’t keep up the maintenance of extensions!


Moving on to lash extensions, they come in three main styles classic, Tahitian and Russian! First let’s talk about the process, having a set of lashes will take about 2 hours, with regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

It’s really important to go to a lash technician who is personally recommend and to ensure you go for a patch test, not only will this ensure you aren’t allergic to the glue but you can also access the professionalism of the salon and technicians.

Now onto the styles:

Classic- 1 false lash to 1 real lash, last 2-4 weeks, maintenance every 2 weeks, giving a natural look


Tahitian- 3 false lashes to 1 real lash, last 2-8 weeks, top up every 2-4 week, giving you a half glam look


Russian- 6-8 false lashes to 1 real lash, same maintenance and longerity as Tahitian, giving you a full glam look


Next instalment of all about will be tanning!

Ciao Bellas,



August Favourites!

Hey Dolls,

I haven’t done a monthly favourites post for ages so thought I would share with you what my favourite Beauty and lifestyle faves have been in august!


Starting with beauty, my fave of august was L’Oréal Volume million lashes mascara! This mascara is not a new one but I have fallen back in love with it, it makes my lashes look false when I wear it as I’ve had LVL lashes, affordable and fabulous, highly recommended!

Next up skincare, this was a random one as I stole it from my mums cupboard but wow it’s fab! My skin care favourite is Neal’s Yard orange flower facial oil, I have always been weary of oils as I have combination skin but this oil leaves my skin feeling really hydrated and not greasy plus it smells amazing!IMG_0137

Sticking with beauty but moving on to brushes, although I was late to the party I decided to purchase 2 of the PS Pro brushes from Primark, and thand foundation brush has become my new favourite brush! It applies products flawlessly and fast with lovely results, Primark have definitely upped their game!

My final beauty fave has been the B makeup brush cleanser, its great for when your brushes need a clean but you don’t have time for a deep clean, simply spritz on a tissue or towel and rub the brush on it until its clean then your brushes are ready to use!


My other favourite has been my new Tiffany Sunglasses, I love them! They are the perfect shape, design and size! Also I got them on sale so even better!


Quick Favourites:

TV: Law and Order SVU

Food: Cadburys Twirl Bites

Drink: Lemonade and lime


Ciao Bellas,