Prada Shoe’s

Hey Dolls!

Today I’m going to be reviewing and telling you all about my Prada Shoes!

These were my first proper pair of designer shoes, I have several pairs from good quality brands such as Kurt Geiger but I was super excited when I finally purchased these classic beauties. So let me tell you all about them!

The Shoes

These are the black round toe heels with a 10.5cm/4inch heel with a little platform. I ordered them online which was risky and as I am between a size 4 and 5 (37/38) I went for a 37.5(4.5). They are a little bit big so I have put an insole in them and they are fine so I would definitely recommend getting a smaller size. They are black leather with the classic beige sole and gold Prada logo on the sole.


The shoes retail for £495, which I know is a lot by on the lower end of price range for high end designer shoes. I bought them as a 18th birthday present to myself and decided to see if I could save a little bit of money and after some searching I was successful. I ordered my shoes from for £295 which I was super happy with. If you have been lusting after an item that is out of reach due to the price tag I would 100% recommend looking on as I could not fault their service, especially when I was worried they wouldn’t arrive in time to wear for my party and I sent them an email. They responded by upgrading my delivery free of charge!


Opening the Box!


What i found inside


The shoes have such soft leather and are very comfortable as the heel is not ridiculously high and they have a little platform. I have tried on Louboutins in the past and found for the price that the leather was hard and the shoes were super uncomfortable. I would definitely recommend Prada or Jimmy Choo as a first pair of designer shoes if you are a shoe lover!



Ciao Bellas





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