All About Skin Care

Hey Dolls,

It’s Skin care routine time!!

I am a massive advocate of a good skincare routine, I think you should start young! So here is my daily and once a week skincare routine. Most of the products I use are Clarins because they work well for my skin but I do use a couple of other brands!


So at the end of the day the first thing I do when I get in is tie my hair up and get that makeup off! I begin using the Garnier Micellar water with cotton pads to remove the majority of my makeup. Next up comes the cleanse, I personally like to double cleanse so I can ensure my skin is super clean. My first cleanse is the one which I use all over my face and eyes to make sure their is no mascara left, I swear by this cleanser and am on my 3rd pot of the biggest size! Its the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and OMG it is like magic, I mix a pea size amount with a little water, rub it all over my face then rinse it using the cloth is comes with and warm water. The second cleanse is my deep clean, I apply a pea size amount of the Clarins Gentle Foaming cleanser to my palm and mix it with water before putting it all over my face but not my eyes as they are super delicate and can have 1 cleanse. Then I take my Magnitone Cleansing Brush under the tap to get it nice and wet, the thing I love about this brush is that it takes no time to use and beeps when that section of your face is done! The final part of the cleaning is  to scrub my lips with any lush lip scrub to remove any leftover lipstick and ensure soft smooth lips!

Time to moisturise! I start with the Pore Minimising Serum in my T-Zone then use the Hydraquench Moisturiser all over my face. Next on my ring finger I apply the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream all around my eye area as otherwise my eyes get super dry. Finally I apply my holy grail Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour lip balm. And that’s the daily cleanse done! (takes around 10-15mins but so worth it in the long term)

Once a week, I will extend this routine to a super cleanse! So after doing all of the above except for the moisturising I grab my Orange Extract face scrub and get rid off all the dead skin on my face! I then apply the Pure and  Radiant Mask and relax for 10 minutes. After washing that off I use some toning lotion before applying a face oil and letting it sink in for 5-10minutes. Then I follow my normal moisturising routine.IMG_0290

Compared to my friends who don’t have a skincare routine, I have much better skin, I hardly ever get breakouts (only if I’m stressed or its that time) and will happily go out with no makeup on! You only have one face girls so invest in it!!

Ciao Bellas




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