5 Tips to Boost your Confidence!

Hey Dolls,

Now I know it can be hard to be a confident person so here are my top tips to boost your confidence as well as fake your confidence!

Tip 1. Surround yourself with positive people- if you are in a group of happy, loud confident people their confidence will start to rub off on you and although it might be daunting they are the best kind of people to make you feel good about yourself

Tip 2. Smile and Posture- OK so let’s say your at a job interview, you are super nervous and don’t think you will get the job well its time to give the illusion you are confident! All you need to do is smile and stand up tall with your head up, your body language will make you look approachable and your posture will make you look self assured and confident.

Tip 3. REMOVE ALL NEGATIVE VIBES!!! There is nothing that will lower your confidence more than a group or individuals who don’t support you, criticise everything you do and want to make you miserable! Chances are they aren’t happy with who they are so wanna bring you down with them but these people are toxic cut them out your social circle

Tip 4. Wardrobe- Got a big event coming up or a event your nervous about well get out the outfit that makes you feel amazing, that black dress that knocks off 10lbs, those gorgeous heels that make you look 3 inches taller and that diamond bracelet that makes you sparkle, trust me an outfit says a million things! That goes for makeup and hair too, make sure you style yourself in the way that makes you feel your best!

Tip 5. Be Yourself- Hunni you better be yourself as every other bitch is taken! Don’t pretend to be something your not, in the end it will make you feel like crap when you realise the people around you don’t know who the real you is and your afraid to be yourself try and take the attitude that if someone doesn’t like you its because they are jealous of your fabulousness and you don’t need them in your life!

And remember darlings don’t EVER let anyone dull your sparkle!

Ciao Bellas,




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