Mark Hill Pick ‘n’ Mix Wand

Hey Dolls,

I want to talk about the Mark Hill Pick ‘n’ Mix wand because in my opinion I think it is amazing and such good value for money! This wand is super versatile with 5 different barrels available it has something to suit everyone! The concept is that you purchase the handle then as many of the barrels as you want separately.

I really love this wand because it is so affordable, the handle is £14.99 and all the barrels are £11.99 so if you wanted the wand and all barrels it would cost you around £75 which is such good value compared to other similar wands on the market. (available at Boots in store and online) The wand is perfect for me at uni as I have limited space and don’t have the storage available for 3 separate wands like I do at home but obviously I still wanted to be able to create a variety of curls and styles.

Also the packaging and design is AMAZING! I love the ombre pink and orange barrel! A great thing about the box is that there is a picture of a model on the front so you can see which styles you like best before purchasing which saves money and effort trying to search on line to see what results each barrel creates.


I have 3 barrels; small which creates tighter more defined curls, medium which creates looser ‘effortless’ curls and the wicked waver that creates different shaped waves with each section due to the barrel design giving a more natural finish. My personal favourite is the small barrel as I really like curls and volume! After curling each section I pin it using a clip and do my makeup whilst leaving them to cool, then I unclip, spray with hairspray (also Mark Hill-I’ll be reviewing his haircare range next week) and run some oil through.


Top- Medium Barrel, Middle-Small Barrel, Bottom-Wicked Waver

I highly recommend this wand if you’re looking for a wand that is affordable and achieves long lasting stunning curls!

Ciao Bellas!





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