Uni Makeup Brush Collection!

Hey Dolls,

This week is all about brushes!

As a makeup lover moving to uni was hard because not only did I have to cut down my collection of products I also needed a set of brushes for uni so I didn’t have to take brushes with me every time I went home!

I needed something affordable with a good selection of face and eye brushes, so I decided to go with Morphe.

After ages trying to decide what to buy I went for thea 15 piece set that is no longer available but the closest I could fin was the 15 piece vegan pro set (RRP £50 available at cult beauty.co.uk) and also got myself a Morphe B86 Kabuki brush to use with my cream bronzer.

In my set I have-

Face- S13, S15, S3 and S64

Eyes- S21, S30, S4, S25, S12, S28, S20, S8, S26, S11 and S27

I absolutely love every single one of these brushes and think they are great value for money!


I also have a couple of extra brushes which are the Real Techniques Concealer Brush and Bold Metals 301 contour brush, as well as 2 brushes from Spectrum which I got at the Clothes Show- the Luxe Powder Brush (A00) which I looveeee for my bronzer and then the unicorn amazing fan brush (Get Lit C00) which is the most bomb brush for highlight I have every used! Spectrum Brushes are amazing and I would definitely buy more!

Ciao Bellas,




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