DIY: Wax Melts

Hey Dolls,

This weeks post will be great for those of you who love candles! This trick will save wasting your candles when the wicks run out!


For this DIY you will need: some burnt out candles, a frying pan, an ice cube tray, a spoon and a container to keep your wax melts in.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Half fill a frying pan with water and leave to boil

2. Place you old candles in the pan and wait for them to melt. Remove from pan, leave to cool slightly and remove the wick with a spoon.

3. Pour the slightly cooled wax into the ice cube tray, place in fridge for 10-15minutes until set. Rinse your candle holders out and use them for storage or other candles!

4. Pop the melts out of ice cube tray and place in a container, then use as you need them!

I hope you find this hack handy! You can also add food colouring or glitter to make them more exciting! Also make a great homemade gift!


Cioa Bellas




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