Lush Event: Diamonds in the Rough

Hey Dolls,

On Sunday my friend Sophie and I were lucky enough to attend a Lush event where we were pampered for the morning. The staff were fantastic and we had a fantastic time, so let’s get started!

This event was all about show casing the products that sometimes get forgotten about, starting off with shower gel we sampled “Plum Rain” and “Wash that man right out” which both smelt amazing.


Next up was scrubs and oh my life “Life’s a beach” powdered body scrub is amazing and smells like the Caribbean, it left our hands feeling super silky. This was followed by “African Paradise” body conditioner which added to the softness off our skin.


Then it was time for treatments, I had a Foot treatment using “Pumice Power” , “Volcano”, “Go faster feet” and “Twinkle Toes”. After my feet felt amazing! Sophie had an arm massage using a massage bar!


Our second treatment was a Hot Oil hair treatment using “Tangled” and “Damaged”. The oils were melted down, left to cool then applied to our hair like a hair mask and left for 20 minutes. They were then washed off and our hair was dried leaving our hair feeling silky and soft!


Finally we had a play with some face masks and skincare products, we sampled both fresh and potted face masks, toners and moisturises.

We had a great time and got a fantastic goody bag filled with a variety of treats!


Head down to your local Lush store and try some different products, you won’t be disappointed!

Ciao Bellas,






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