All About: Lashes

Hey Dolls,

I headed back to the Beauty Yard to chat to the lovely Tan about the different types of lash enhancements available.

The first thing to choose between is natural enhancing or extensions first let’s talk about enhancing your own lashes!

My favourite thing is LVL lashes (length, volume and lift), it’s basically a perm and tint for your lashes that lasts around 6 weeks, it’s low maintance and cheaper than lash extensions. LVL is also great if you are allergic to lash glue or can’t keep up the maintenance of extensions!


Moving on to lash extensions, they come in three main styles classic, Tahitian and Russian! First let’s talk about the process, having a set of lashes will take about 2 hours, with regular maintenance every 2-3 weeks.

It’s really important to go to a lash technician who is personally recommend and to ensure you go for a patch test, not only will this ensure you aren’t allergic to the glue but you can also access the professionalism of the salon and technicians.

Now onto the styles:

Classic- 1 false lash to 1 real lash, last 2-4 weeks, maintenance every 2 weeks, giving a natural look


Tahitian- 3 false lashes to 1 real lash, last 2-8 weeks, top up every 2-4 week, giving you a half glam look


Russian- 6-8 false lashes to 1 real lash, same maintenance and longerity as Tahitian, giving you a full glam look


Next instalment of all about will be tanning!

Ciao Bellas,




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