Top 10 Chick Flicks!

Hey Dolls,

You’ve reached the end of the week, valentines is over and now its all about a good old Girls Night In!

Send the message to the Squad group chat, get your PJ’s and face masks on!

Grab your popcorn, rose, hot chocolate and whatever else you fancy, its going to be a GNI to remember!

Ok so it proved to be quite hard to narrow down just a top 10 so here are a few that didn’t quite make it before we get into the chart; 27 Dresses, 10 Things I hate about you, Bridesmaids, How to be Single, The Other Woman

Now the films that have made the list are absolute classics. So let’s get into it!

10. Silver Linings Playbook- Any film with Bradley Cooper in is already of to a great start to be honest! Two friends who are off the rails are about to go on a crazy rollercoaster ride of love with lots of ups and downs!


9. Devil Wears Prada- The tales of a new graduate finding her feet in the harsh world of fashion with an extremely demanding boss! What could possibly go wrong!


8. Pretty Woman- An absolute classic! Yes it’s old but its still fantastic. The rich guy falls for the girl he shouldn’t, so cliche but so good!


7. The Bridget Jones Franchise- Anyone who tells me they can’t relate to Bridget Jones is a liar in my eyes! This trilogy is guaranteed to have you laughing, crying and feeling a bucket full of emotions!


6. Mean Girls- If you are a girl and you haven’t seen Mean Girls, where have you been? The basis of 90’s kids memes, the burn book became something everyone wanted to do with their squad and if your telling me you’ve never worn pink on a Wednesday I won’t believe you

So now we are in to my top 5!

5. Clueless- Another Cult classic for our generation, the girl who has everything yet there is just one thing missing, will she find it?


4. DreamGirls- First of all can we just talk about the cast of this film! A female powerhouse duo of Queen Bey and Jennifer Hudson! YASSSS The film is all about female empowerment and what we may lose in the quest for fame. If your in need of a confidence boost this is the film for you!

Dreamgirls 1Disc UK DVD Retail ver 2

3. The Duff- A tale of a girl who has got lost in the crowd and lives in the shadows of her gorgeous best friends. It takes humiliation, losing her best friends and a super cute jock to help her find her way again! Another super relatable film especially for our generation!


2. Legally Blonde- I think everyone who watches this film wants to be Elle Woods! A blonde girl who doesn’t let stereotypes stop her from being a butt kicking lawyer.


And taking the top spot, although slightly seasonal its….

1.Love Actually- I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this film and I each time I love it slightly more. The stories are so heart warming and the comedy moments are fantastic so in my opinion it definitely comes in at number 1!


Special thanks to the lovely Georgia for helping me create the short list! Comment your favourite films below!

Enjoy your GNI!

Ciao Bellas!




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