5 Tips to make life happier!

Hey Dolls,

This week I thought I’d share with you the ways I think you can make your life happier.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people- it’s time to get rid of those toxic friendships and people who make you feel bad about yourself. Be sure to surround yourself with people who try to look on the bright side no matter the situation
  2. Keep Active- its a well know fact that exercise releases endorphins aka ‘the happy hormone’! Try to do some kind of exercise at least twice a week whether its a run or dance class
  3. Organise!- Anyone who knows me knows I am the queen of organisation! Organisation is key if you want to live a stress free life! Go and get yourself a pretty new diary and every Sunday plan what you want to do each day for the upcoming week.
  4. Write a “thankful journal”- You can buy one or make your own. Each day write 3-5 things in that day you have been thankful for then when you are having a down day flick through it and see all the things you have to be happy about
  5. Give compliments- Everyone loves to receive a compliment so make someones day by making them feel good about themselves, the fact that you put a smile on their face will automatically cheer you up!

I hope you all have a fantastic week and I will see you next Friday when I will be sharing my favourite smoothies with you!

Ciao Bellas




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