Viola Vitality Spa- Products!

Hey Dolls,

This week’s post is very exciting! My lovely friend Katie has launched her new business and I can’t wait to let you know about her fantastic products!


Katie, pictured above, said the name came from her favourite flower and Shakespeare! She will also soon be offering spiritual massage treatments such as crystal healing and palm reading!

Viola Vitality Spa candles and wax melts are all hand made to order with soy wax! Katie said the soy wax is better for scent, has the longest burning time and is better for the environment!

I was so excited when I received the box with my beautiful candle inside! Not only is the packaging super cute it smells amazing and with every order you get a extra little gift which at the moment is an Easter egg wax melt, but usually a rose wax melt which is an added bonus!


The candle comes in the most adorable jar with a ribbon and jewel, which are birth stones! Viola Vitality have created 12 scents, one for every month making them perfect pressies!

My candle is the January one which has the scent of fresh linen my absolute favourite candle scent! The other scents range from fresh to sweet and spicy. Her wax melts are not only stunning, I mean come on those roses are soooo pretty, they smell amazing too!


Check out her website for more information and to purchase some of her beautiful products!

Ciao Bellas,





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