My 1st Year at Uni: Moving in & Freshers

Hey Dolls,

This week is the first of 3 blog posts about my first year at University! The three posts will be Moving in & Freshers, Lectures and Academic Life and Uni life in general. So lets get going!!

Going to university is a very scary prospect with so many choices to make! I can honestly say I am so grateful that I am at the university I am, De Montfort. The university and students have made me feel so welcome and I can’t picture myself anywhere else.

Moving In:


This was probably the day I have felt the most mix up of emotions, sad to be leaving home but excited about whats to come! You will have a lot of stuff!!

Moving in was super chaotic but also really fun! The halls I live in made it so easy with people to help with stuff, staff telling us where to park and music in the courtyard. I felt extremely welcome!

Anyone who knows me will know I am super organised so before going uni shopping (which is super fun) I made a very detailed list of everything I would need which I highly recommend! (stay tuned for my Uni preparation tips and tricks coming in August) This way I knew I was prepared and had everything I would need!

When I got to my accommodation, I unpacked (with help from mum&dad), left my door open so I could chat with my new flat mates and then Caprice arrived, little did I know she would end up being one of my best friends! The two of us with our parents stood chatting in the kitchen for hours then it was time to say bye to Mum and Dad and get ready for our first night out!!

That brings me nicely on to FRESHERS!!

Freshers Week!

This will honestly be the craziest, most tiring and probably one of the best weeks of your life! DMU put on 9 days of events from UV parties, to bar crawls and everything in between!

Freshers week was when I met my now best friends, this is the best time to meet new people and mingle so make sure you do! Shoutout to Elisha and Tash for being fab friends this year (more stories including them in my 3rd post!) This was also where I bonded with the lovely Georgia, the girl who keeps me sane in all the craziness! We bonded because me being me fell over, bruised my ankle and then smashed a glass on bar crawl night before I’d even had a sip of alcohol!

Freshers week is also a chance for you to find out about all the societies you can get involved in and all the different activities that are available to you on campus!

DMU also host a Matriculation Ceremony where you get introduced to all the important people at the university who wear their gowns! There was also a show case of a variety of activities!

The first few weeks of uni are mad but so much fun!

I’ll see you all next week for what academic uni life is like!

Ciao Bellas,




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