My 1st Year at Uni: Academic life!

Hey dolls,

This week is all about what academic life is like at university and I can honestly tell you it’s so different to A Levels and sixth form.

The first main different is the way you are taught, instead of small class rooms you will have lectures in huge rooms of up to around 200 students. This can be quite intimidating at first but just remember everyone is in the same position as you and you will soon get used to it. To supplement your studies you will also most likely have tutorials or seminars, these are in small groups of up to 20 in class rooms where you ask questions and do group activities.

Assessments are different too! Just like sixth form they will probably be a mix of exams and coursework. In your assignments you will get less support that previously which can be worrying but there are plenty of people around to help for example the library. In your assignments you will also be required to reference, this is a pain but you soon get used to it!


At DMU, we are also given a range of global opportunities through #DMUGlobal. This year I went to New York with my course and did some work with fashion brands as well as exploring an amazing city.


You also make great friends through your course, mine being Carolyn and Jordan who I went to NYC with. These two have been fab and have always been there when I’ve had a silly little question or needed some motivation! We all motivate each other and I don’t think this year would have been the same without them!


If anyone has any questions about uni drop them in the comments and I will answer then for you the best I can!

Next week is all about uni life in general with some stories for you!

Ciao Bellas,





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