My 1st Year at Uni: Social Life!

Hey Dolls,

This week is part 3 of my uni life series! The third part is all about university social life from societies to nights out!

I can honestly say I have met the best group of friends ever at uni, the friends you make at uni will become your second family and believe me you will spend so much time with that they will feel like your family! Shoutout to my squad for getting me through first year!


At uni I have a tonne of stories including a couple of trips to A&E with my little welsh bombshell! First trip to A&E with Lish was when she got bottled, that was quite scary but looking back on it now we find it funny! 7 1/2hrs in A&E on a Friday night can actually be quite entertaining!


We have had many a drunken night out including a night out dressed as cowgirls which resulted in Caprice and I lasting in the club for a total of 13 minutes! Surely that has to be a record! Haha!


Not only will you have crazy nights out with your best friends, you will most likely join a society like I did! I absolutely adore my Acapella family and this year would not have been the same without them! I would definitely say through yourself into uni societies because you will meet a tonne of different people.


Societies also give you the opportunity to meet 2nd and 3rd years (hello uni advice and friends who know what they are doing!) Shoutout to my Acapella mum Hannah and fellow Essex girl Sophie for being fab the past year! Uni will also give you the opportunity to support people as they grow in confidence (we turned Hazel into a drinker haha)


First year of uni has been absolutely amazing and wouldn’t have been the same without all the amazing people that DMU have bought into my life, I love you all and roll on second year!!

Ciao Bellas,




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